Aly Funeral Records

Copyright 1999 Lisa Aly Edwards and Terry Rushing
Records are arranged in the following format
Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Cemetery where buried, County
Adams, Nellie-87-April 3, 1900-Nov. 8, 1987-Palestine-Pope Co., Il.
Addis, Eva K.-79-June 17, 1916-January 14, 1996-Odd Fellow -Pope Co.,Il.
Allen, Bradley B.-58-Jan. 4, 1940-Nov. 11, 1998-Sulphur Springs-Pope Co., Il
Allen, Grace Evelyn-69-Sept. 25, 1928-Feb. 28, 1998-I.O.O.F.-Pope Co., Il
Allen, Lewis Glen "Cotton"-76-August 7, 19??-August 21, 1989-I.O.O.F.-Pope Co., Il
Allen, Loraine-73-Aug. 8, 1920-Sept. 17, 1993-Sulphur Springs-Pope Co., Il.
Alexander, Anna Richards-77-Sept. 23, 1904-Jan. 22, 1982- Cedar Bluff
Aly, Carrie-82-July 17, 1888-Jan. 22, 1970-Vienna Fraternal-Vienna, Il.-Johnson Co.,Il.
Aly, Lula-87-Aug. 3, 191893-Jan. 18, 1981-I.O.O.F.-Pope Co., Il.
Aly, Marcia-81-July 15, 1917-Dec. 1, 1998-Vienna Fraternal-Vienna, Il.-Johnson Co., Il.
Anderson, Adeline-92-Nov. 27, 1905-Feb. 13, 1998-I.O.O.F-Pope Co, Il.
Anderson, Benjamin F.-72-May 1, 1918-Oct. 3, 1990-I.O.O.F-Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, Beverly-74-Jan. 1, 1916-July 5, 1990-I.O.O.F-Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, Chloteele-81-April 3, 1914-Fields -Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, Christene Jewell-84-Oct. 19, 1903-Dec. 23, 1987-I.O.O.F-Pope Il.
Anderson, Fred-74-no birth record-may 16, 1973-Glendale Methodist Church-Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, Jan-51-Jan. 20, 1903-Sept. 28, 1963-Pleasant Ridge Church-Brownfield, Il.Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, Jennifer Lauren, 1 yr., 5 mo., 27 days, July 18, 1978-Jan. 14, 1980-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, Nettie-84-Feb. 28, 1890-May 27, 1974-Mt. Zion-Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, John W.-84-Dec. 25, 1912-Nov. 4, 1997-Fields -Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, Robie T.-76-Oct. 30, 1908-Oct. 23, 1985-Cedar Grove-Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, Virgil Alfred-67-March 24, 1932-Aug. 23, 1999
Anderson, Virgil E.-81-Dec. 17, 1899-Dec. 13, 1981-I.O.O.F-Pope Co., Il.
Anderson, Raymond Wallace-70-July 9, 1920-Oct. 7, 1990-I.O.O.F.-Pope Co., Il.
Andrews, Hartford-75-Feb. 24, 1921-Nov. 25, 1996-Antioch-Pope Co., Il.
Anthis, Beulah-78-March 4, 1909-Nov. 18, 1987-Plesant Ridge-Pope Co., Il.
Aplin, Amanda-93-Feb. 19, 1879-Feb. 12, 1972-Eddyville Cemetery-Pope Co., Il.
Arnold, Harvey-70-April 9, 1915-Feb. 12, 1986-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
Arnold, Hobart-61-Aug. 4, 1904-Nov. 2, 1962-Glendale Methodist Church-Pope Co., Il.
Arnold, Paul-59-No birth Record-Jan. 18, 1970-Glendale, Pope Co., Il.
Atkinson, Nellie-88-Oct. 16, 1882-March 1, 1970-Dalton,Il.
Austin, Curtis-59-Sept. 1, 1906-Feb. 18, 1966-Glendale Methodist Church-Pope Co., Il.
Austin, Lottie, 90-July 16, 1898-June 5, 1989-Kerley -Vienna, Ill.-Johnson Co., Il.
Austin, Minnie-92-May 16, 1881-Aug. 11, 1973-Glendale Methodist Church-Pope Co.,Il.
Averill, Clara-74-Sept.4, 1900-May 24, 1975-Old Granpier-Pope Co., Il.

added 6/2000

Ablett, Thelma-86-09/25/1902-11/06/1987-Ohio Chapel-Grand Chain, IL.
Allen, John-89-04/14/1903-05/14/1992-Masonic-Belknap, IL.
Allen, Marion-0-06/18/1999-03/22/1999-Masonic-Belknap, IL.
Altenberger, Ada-85-10/18/1920-03/16/1995-Lower Salem-Karnak, IL.
Altenberger, Bertha Mae-83-08/19/1916-02/04/1999-Masonic-Cypress, IL.
Altenberger, Elizabeth-94-12/02/1902-07/23/1996-Masonic-Cypress, IL.
Altenberger, Ira-90-06/07/1901-05/28/1991-Masonic-Cypress, IL.
Altenberger, Lester-89-10/05/1903-01/07/1992-Masonic-Cypress, IL.
Anderson, Lana-79-02/06/1916-03/31/1995-Lower Salem-Karnak, IL.
Anderson, Michael-18-05/07/1980-04/21/1998-Masonic-Cypress, IL.
Anderson, Minnie-84-04/22/1912-01/06/1996-Anderson-Boaz, IL.
Anderson, Paul-76-09/29/1907-05/09/1983-Lower Salem-Karnak, IL.
Angleton, Zada-74-06/21/1915-10/10/1989-Sunset-Danville, IL.
Astin, Roland-77-07/23/1911-05/1988-Anderson-Boaz, IL.
Avery, Charles-86-11/08/1911-06/19/1997-Masonic-Belknap, IL.
Avery, Jewell-75-09/21/1914-11/23/1989-Masonic-Belknap, IL.

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Aly Funeral Records