Aly Funeral Records

Copyright 1999 Lisa Aly-Edwards and Terry Rushing
Records are arranged in the following format
Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Cemetery where buried, County
Eason, Raymond Edward-79-July 14, 1906-March 20, 1986-I.O.O.F-Pope Co., Il.
Eastwood, Kathryn S.-59-March 8, 1937-February 3, 1997-Shedville-Pope Co., Il.
Elam, Buriel Leon-70-April 23, 1923-November 1, 1993-Shedville-Pope Co., Il.
Elam, Helen-60-October 23, 1935-February 24, 1996-Shedville-Pope Co., Il.
Elam, Helen-59-July 8, 1917-December8, 1976-New Home-Pope Co., Il.
Elam, James McDonald-77-Dec. 1, 1909-Nov. 13, 1986-New Home-Pope Co.,Il.
Elam, Sue K.-55-October 28, 1943-October 18, 1999-Sulphur Springs-Pope Co., Il.
Elam, Wayne-73-February 19, 1916-June 13, 1989-Sulphur Springs-Pope Co., Il.
Elder, Carl-70-July 30, 1921-September 22, 1991-I.O.O.F.-Pope Co., Il.
Elder, Ernest-60-April 3, 1918-April 25, 1978-Rushing
Ellis, Alvin(Bill)-77-March 3, 1913-June 16, 1990-I.O.O.F.-Pope Co., Il.
Ellis, Ben-67-June 15, 1911-July 6, 1978-Mt. Zion, Pope Co., Il.
Emmel, George-89-December 12, 1909-September 26, 1999-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
Epperheimer, Alberta Reynolds-81-March 16, 1906-Dec. 1, 1987-Eddyville, Pope Co., Il.
Epperheimer, Carrie-75-March 8, 1900-October 10, 1975-Boulden-Pope Co., Il.
Epperheimer, John Lacey-71-February 26, 1912-June 10, 1983-New Home-Pope Co., Il.
Epperheimer, Kenneth-76-August 21, 1913-March 6, 1990-New Home-Pope Co., Il.
Epperheimer, Marie E.-66-September 3, 1915-August 31, 1982-New Home-Pope Co., Il.
Epperheimer, Mollie L.-5-March 4, 1970-October 6, 1975-New Home-Pope Co., Il.
Epperheimer, Raymond L.-61-April 30, 1938-August 31, 1999-New Home-Pope Co., Il.
Ethaidce, Charles T.-66-August 9, 1915-November 16, 1981-HazelPope Co, Il.
Ethridge, Luster"Beans"-80-May 4, 1907-January 10, 1987-Lick Creek-Union Co.,Il.
Ethridge, Zora-86-February 17, 1901-September 20, 1987-Hazel-Pope Co., Il.
Evans, Paul-51-January 3, 1926-May 12, 1977-Vienna Fraternal-Johnson Co., Il.
Evitts, Arthur Leo-64-March 31, 1914-October 21, 1978-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
Evitts, Rev. Charles-92-May 13, 1888-January 1, 1981-Sulphur Springs-Pope Co., Il.
Evitts, Donald Ray-41-February 26, 1941-April 22, 1982-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
Evitts, Edna Mae-64-December 30, 1922-December 4, 1987-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
Evitts, Rev. Joseph J.-60-February 8, 1916-June 28, 1976-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
Evitts, Roberta-78-February 18, 1917-September 5, 1995-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
Evitts, Walter-79-March 1, 1919-January 11, 1999-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
Evitts, Whitnel DeWayne-66-February 24, 1912-August 8, 1978-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.

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Aly Funeral Records