Aly Funeral Records

Copyright 1999 Lisa Aly-Edwards and Terry Rushing
Records are arranged in the following format
Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Cemetery where buried, County
 McAnnally, Lucille-87-March 1, 1911-Sept. 5, 1998-Walnut Grove-Saline Co., Il.
McBride, Helen-78-Oct. 25, 1914-July 3, 2992-Rock Island National-Rock Island Co., Il.
McClain, Marion-87-Aug. 1900-Aug. 22, 1987-Waltersburg-Pope Co., Il.
McClain, Marvin Leland-90-Oct. 1, 1906-Feb. 23, 1997
McClean, Annie-93-Jan. 27, 1888-April 24, 1981-St. Joseph Cemetery
McClellan, Wilda-73-Dec. 2, 1926-Dec. 7, 1999-Brooks Memorial Park-McCracken Co., Ky.
McCool, Effie-84-Oct. 9, 1893-March 2, 1978-Mt. Zion-Pope Co., Il.
McDonald, David Leon-32-July 23, 1956-Nov. 12, 1988-Eddyville-Pope Co., Il.
McDonald, Grace Friend-73-Nov. 9, 1909-May 13, 1983-Sulphur Springs-Pope Co., Il.
McDonald, James Leroy-43-July 20, 1931-Nov. 22, ??-Eddyville-Pope Co., Il.
McDonald, Roy Franklin-81-March 22, 1901-March 15, 1983-Sulphur Springs-Pope Co., Il.
McGinnis, Carrie-89-Dec. 26, 1890-Nov. 26, 1980-I.O.O.F.-Pope Co., Il.
McKibben, George-69-Aug. 25, 1918-Feb. 1, 1988-Glendale-Pope Co., Il.
McNease, Robert-30-Oct. 2, 1967-May 2, 1998


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Aly Funeral Records