Aly Funeral Records
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Copyright 1999 Lisa Aly-Edwards and Terry Rushing
Records are arranged in the following format
Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Cemetery where buried, County

Naglich, Matt J.-78-Feb. 10, 1916-Oct. 15, 1994-St. Joseph-Hardin Co., Il.
Nance, Dixie DeAnn-2 days-Sept. 4, 1969-Sept. 6, 1969-Zion-Pope Co., Il.
Neal, Alvin Jerome-72-Feb. 5, 1923-Oct. 26, 1995-Garden of Memories-Scott Co., Mo.
Neal, Irene-71-Nov. 22, 1923-Aug. 14, 1995-Berry-Zion-Madison Co., Tenn.
Neal, Mary-64-Feb. 2, 1926-June 23, 1990-Gardens of Memories-Scott Co., Mo.
Neal, Muriel-92-Sept. 9, 1894-April 3, 1987-Young-
Neighbors, Carrie-79-Oct. 19, 1905-April 26, 1985-Eddyville-Pope Co., Il.
Newton, William C.-58-April 15, 1917-March 27, 1976-I.O.O.F.-Pope Co., Il.
Noel, John Derald-67-Dec. 17, 1923-Jan. 13, 1991-Antioch-Pope Co., Il.
Norvell, Kenneth W.-38-Nov. 28, 1952-July 13, 1991-New Liberty-Pope Co., Il.
Norvell, Tommie V.-75-March 28, 1918-March 31, 1993

O'Brien, Roberta Veach-50-Feb. 11. 1920-July 8, 1970-Vienna Fraternal-Johnson Co., Il.
Owens, Blache-71-Jan. 11, 1901-Nov. 7, 1973-Eddyville-Pope Co., Il.

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Aly Funeral Records