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The information on this page was submitted by Chris Hooper and is presented exactly as he sent it. Everything between the leaf bars is exactly as Chris put it together. The only additions I have made are above and below the leaf bars and the actual links to the pictures. Thank you very much Chris!

Ginger, Here are the pictures. Just click on the title and then you can save them to your computer. Antoine Halter Family - c1910 - in front of their home in Golconda.
Antoine Elmer Halter, Antoine Francis Halter, Minerva Jane (Layman) Halter, Vern Halter, Pearl Halter, Velma Halter

Antoine Halter Family - c1917
(l to r - back row) Velma Halter, Otto Halter, Antoine Elmer Halter, Elijah Tinsley Halter, Pearl Halter, Celia Francis (Halter) Kerr, Mildred Kerr, Earl Hamilton
(l to r - front row) Anna Halter, Helen Halter, Meredith (seated), Antoine Francis Halter (seated - middle), Irene Kerr, Minerva Jane (Layman) Halter (seated), Vern Halter

Layman Sibling - c1920 - In front of home, Golconda, IL
Mary (Layman) Gullett, Magdelena Layman, (?) Layman, Minerva Jane (Layman) Halter, Martha Layman

Thomas Jefferson Layman Family - (date unknown) In front of home, Golconda, IL
Thomas Jefferson Layman and wife Theodocia Bonnell Layman with 5 of their 6 boys. 3 boys died at an early age - Albert died in his early 20s - Basil died in his 40s - Julius in his 60s - Frederick at 83

Nora A. Layman - 19 April 1889, A Study in Grief
John A. Layman (father) - Selia Layman (mother)

John F. Layman - 16 April 1889
(left) Whittier Reeves, (left back) Antoine Francis Halter, (right) unknown man

Ginger, these last two pictures were sent to me by my cousin Lexie Layman Sherrells of Golconda. They are of Nora A. and John F. Layman, sister and brother, who died within 3 days of each other in Apr. 1889, probably of cholera. Apparently there was a photographer passing through the area, or there may have been one in Golconda at the time - I'm not sure. But, they certainly are interesting. They are buried in Little Grand Pier Cemetery.

Submitted by Chris Hooper
Ginger Hayes

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