Pope County , Illinois

Transcribed and typed by Dawn Prock

Hodge Cemetery

This is a census of Hodge Cemetery located in Pope County, Illinois (Township 13S, Range 6E). This census was taken in June and July, 1972, and all stones were copied. Rows are read from South to North, beginning on the West side of the Cemetery.
The census was taken by Marie Bannon, Ruth Hoffman, and Margaret Hallbeck of Golconda, Illinois.

ROW 1 -

WILLIAMS Eliza J., born 5/21/1834, died 8/5/1890
James A., born 12/9/1829, died 10/2/1907

ROW 2 -

HODGE John E., 1st Lt. Co. F 29th Ill. Vol., born 4/15/1840, died 11/8/1873
Mary E., born 2/15/1842, died 5/29/1918
Julia E., born 8/11/1871, died 2/1/1874
Loren (Died in Alaska Gold Rush), born 3/15/1865, died Dec. 1896

UNKNOWN Rock Marker

HODGE Eddie (Son of J.P. & M.H. Hodge), born 9/6/1860, died 11/16/1863

UNKNOWN Rock Marker

RANDOLPH Rev. Marcus, Minister of Cumberland Presbyterian Church,
Preached at Bethany 20 yr.,
born 3/29/1812, died 10/16/1862

RANDOLPH Annie E. (Dau. of R.P. & C.J. Randolph), born 12/25/1860, died 8/11/1862
Lt. R.P., born 3/8/1836, died 7/2/1862
Robt. M., born 2/11/1863, died 8/19/1866

UNKNOWN Rock Marker

RANDOLPH William D., born 1/8/1846, died 11/2/1867

ROW 3 -

UNKNOWN Rock Marker

HODGE Mary L.E. (Dau. of J.P. & M.H. Hodge), 2yr3mo20da, died 11/17/1858

H 6da, died 10/24/1856

HODGE George W. (Son of J.P. & M.H. Hodge), 13yr8mo, died 9/28/1856
Hannah E. (Dau. of J.P. & M.H. Hodge), 1yr5da, died 1/14/1832
Joseph H., 10mo9da, died 7/30/1846

ROW 4 -

DILL Corp. W.B., Co. G. Reg. Ill. Cav., Died in Germantown, Tenn., 24yr7mo8da, died 2/23/1863

DILL Bransford E., 16da, 1862
Infant (W.B. & E.C. Dill), b.&d. 3/7/1861

MODGLIN Corp. Frank, Co. F. 29th Ill. Vol., No dates

MODGLIN F.M. Sgt. Quartermaster, born 3/6/1836, died 2/13/1877
Nancy J. (Consort of F.M. Modglin), 22yr9mo19da, died 11/27/1868

HANCOCK Willie F. (Son of W.F. & N.A. Hancock), 6yr6mo17da, died 6/11/1865
Wm. F., 45yr1mo1da, died 2/14/1865

ROW 5 -

MODGLIN Clarissa (Wife of F.M. Modglin), born 9/7/1842, died 2/11/1899
Son of F.M. & Clarissa Modglin, 16yr, died 1885

ROW 6 -




ROW 7 -

ROYALTEY Joanna (Wife of S.L. Royaltey), born 10/21/1833, died 1871
Maggie (Dau. of S.L. Royaltey), born 4/18/1861, died 3/28/1865
Sarah, born 5/17/1796, died 5/17/1870
Sam P., born 1/19/1874, died 6/27/1874

WATERS Wm. H., born 12/3/1847, died 5/28/1883
H., born 1825, died 1875

UNKNOWN Rock Marker

ROW 8 -

GLASS Elizabeth C. (Wife of G.B. Glass), born 7/23/1804, died 2/25/1890
Green B., born 2/20/1820, died 2/11/1897
Rebecca (Wife of G.B. Glass), born 4/14/1824, died 1/25/1875

ROW 9 -

GLASS Allie, born 2/20/1870, died 8/17/1958
G.B.L., born 11/19/1864, died 11/19/1935

HUTCHINSON Rebecca Frances (Dau. of G.B. & Rebecca Glass), born 2/16/1867, died 6/6/1890

ROW 10 -

OLIVER James, born 1/21/1856, died 1/15/1881
Eliza C. (Wife of James Oliver), born 4/19/1860, died 4/10/1887

COOPER Chas., born 1/16/1871
Rilla, born 6/20/1873, died 5/18/1900

According to Pope County Death Records, begun in 1878, the following persons are buried in Hodge Cemetery, but no markers were found for them:

ALLISTON Aron Arthur, 1yr7mo26da, died 9/2/1884
Maud, 10mo6da, died 8/20/1881

GARRETT Cynthia, 14yr11mo20da, died 2/6/1908

HOLLOWAY Ruth, 40yr, died 1862

JERLS Wm., 24yr2mo24da, died 11/1878

PHILIPS Dallas La Rue, 1yr10mo, died 3/19/1882
Ida, 15yr11mo26da, died 9/27/1884

RANDOLPH Sarah A.E., 69yr, died 6/29/1903

REDUS Hugh, 1yr5mo8da, died 2/25/1905

SLAUGHTER John A., 66yr, died 5/12/1878
Samuel, 14yr8mo, died 11/9/1881

SMILEY Mary J.H., 2lyr6mo, died 10/26/1879

STREET Richard, 22yr8da, died 4/15/1880

WYNN Martha, 35yr5mo8da, died 6/21/1878

The Cemetery records came from FHC Microfilm #965,608

Ginger Hayes

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