Archived Queries - May 1 - Dec. 31, 1998

Submitter: Sharon Williams ([email protected])
Date: 31 Dec 1998

Looking for information on Andrew Jackson Hill,Layfayett Hill,Sarah or Loringea Wammack,Misouri and America Dickerson,James Layton Jones,James Jones,Mylinda or Joseph Derman,also Nettie Serrin. All of these people lived in Pope Co. ILL. IN THE 1800'S Thank you for your help!! Sharon Williams [email protected]

Submitter: Heather Ebert ([email protected])
Date: 31 Dec 1998

Searchin for information about Mary Alice HAMILTON (and family), b. 18 DEC 1843. Daughter of Robert HAMILTON and Matilda RISTON. A Robert HAMILTON purchased 159.99 acres in POPE CO. in Sec. 32 Twp. 13S in 1819. Can anyone help me?

Surnames: WOOLARD
Submitter: Marilyn Johnson ([email protected])
Date: 30 Dec 1998


Submitter: Kent VAUGHN ([email protected])
Date: 30 Dec 1998

Researching the surnames associated with the marriages of James VAUGHN + Elizabeth SHELL, Thomas CLARK + Amanda PARROTT, Isum KENT + Elizabeth GOFF and/or any of their children & families includtng George Louis VAUGHN, Louisa CLARK, & Kansas & Arromma KENT. All help apreciated, Thank you, Kent VAUGHN, Riverside, CA.

Surnames: LANGSTON
Submitter: Gary Boyd Langston ([email protected])
Date: 30 Dec 1998

I am looking for any information on my great grand-father Hiram Green Langston b. Oct. 08, 1847 in Pope Co. Would like to find out who his parents where. So far I have run into a brick wall. I do know he inlisted in the union army in 1863 in Johnson Co. Ill. and died in Cape Co. MO. in 1897. I thank you for your responce and time.

Surnames: GARDNER
Submitter: Carolyn Whitaker ([email protected])
Date: 27 Dec 1998

My great grandfather was Charles William Gardner, b.7 Oct 1860 d. 29 Apr 1940 Iola, Allen Co., KS. He married Luella Powell 12 Nov 1889 Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. They lived in South Dakota and I believe he lived in Minnesota at some time or the other. I have a picture of his mother, but no name and the picture was made in Brainerd, MN His death certificate indicates he was born in "POLK" co. Illinois, but believe it must be "POPE" Co., ILL. The 1910 Census for Iola, Allen Co., KS indicates his parents were born in OHIO. I have not been able to find anyone researching this family line. Who were his parents and family? Where did they go? Where were they from in OHIO? I believe his mother was in California around 1915 but do not know where. Charles William and Luella had 5 children, 4 survived:1) Ethel m.WORMAN 2)Chester Clarence m.Dollie _____3)Flossie Bernice m.Ugene Whitaker (my grandm) 4)William Lloyd m.Inez Isabelle Ransom. PLEASE HELP!

Submitter: Imani KeaGreene ([email protected])
Date: 26 Dec 1998

Roll Call: Goins,Fields, Harper, Robertson.

Submitter: Michael McMahan ([email protected])
Date: 23 Dec 1998

I have Death cert. stating my Gr.grandfather Robert Clay McMahan was born in Pope Co. Ill. 1875 son of Marshall McMahan b. abt. 1828 Ohio & Rosannah M Adkins b.1831 Tenn. The 1860 census Massac Co.,Ill.lists Marshall & Rosannah and 5 of 9 known children (all born Ky.?)Can anyone help me with this as I can't seem to find Marshall before or after 1860. Thank you

Surnames: CHANCEY
Submitter: Harold Chancey ([email protected])
Date: 20 Dec 1998

Would like contact with descendants of Roswell and Content CHANCEY who came from Steuben Co, NY to Hardin(Pope) County, Illinois around 1820 (by way of Ohio). Both apparently died between 1840 and 1850.

Submitter: Dian Layman ([email protected])
Date: 18 Dec 1998

Can anyone tell me if there was a newspaper operating in Pope County, 1800-1900 and if so, are there any records available on it? Thanks!

Submitter: Peggy Link ([email protected])
Date: 17 Dec 1998

Surname THOMANN looking for my great grandparents. Frank and Nancy Thomann-late 1800's. My grandfather (their son) was Darvin Thomann and he was b. 8 May 1900 d. 19 March 1962 in Pope County. Thanks for any help!

Surnames: TUNE WING
Submitter: Marilyn Meisenheimer ([email protected])
Date: 17 Dec 1998

TUNE, WING Looking for anything about Robert or Caleb Tune, who migrated to Old Brownfield from Tennessee around 1850. Also looking for any info about William Henry Wing who left Kentucky after Civil War and married Mary Ann Tune, daughter of Robert.

Submitter: Imai Keagreene ([email protected])
Date: 07 Dec 1998

I would like to know if there is a marriage record for HENRY GOINS and RHONDA FIELDS. Second wife maybe ZANA HARPER in Pope County before 1880.

Submitter: Phyllis Bryan Horn ([email protected])
Date: 06 Dec 1998

DICKERSON,WOMMICK,DIARMAN,JONES I'm looking for information on Loringea Wommick b Ill, married to F Dickerson, b Ill, parents of Missouri Dickerson, b Ill 1863. Missouri married James Layton Jones, my great grandparents. I'm also seeking information on Melinda Diarman, mother of James Layton and James Jones, his father. J L Jones was raised in his grandfather's household, Joseph Diarman(Dearman, Durman, Derman).Joseph and his brother Jonathan came to Pope Co sometime during the 1830's. They were born in Ky, Joseph 1798. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Phyllis (Bryan) Horn [email protected]

Surnames: ROBERTS
Submitter: Joyce Smith ([email protected])
Date: 25 Nov 1998

Pope County Query Seeking information about David Lewis ROBERTS, born in Pope County in 1864/65. Who were his parents? What was exact date of birth?

Surnames: SWISHER
Submitter: Joe Lewis ([email protected])
Date: 25 Nov 1998

I'm looking for the family of Charles Albert Jennings b. 1875 IL, d. 8/18/1920 Lone Elm, Kansas, m. Francis Louise Swisher b. 1/5/1882 Pleasanton,Kansas. I have info to share. Thanks, Joe Lewis
Surnames: SWISHER
Submitter: Joe Lewis ([email protected])
Date: 25 Nov 1998

I'm looking for the family of Charles Albert Jennings b. 1875 IL, d. 8/18/1920 Lone Elm, Kansas, m. Francis Louise Swisher b. 1/5/1882 Pleasanton,Kansas. I have info to share. Thanks, Joe Lewis

Submitter: Pat Barnett ([email protected])
Date: 23 Nov 1998

I am interested in a beautiful, old house, abt a mile or so West of Golconda, on Rt 146, at the 1200 mile marker. The house is a two story, I think, and is quite run down. It sits atop a hill and the gate has the initials, SHF. I would like to find a little history on the house, and who it might belong to now. Any info would be appreciated. Thank You.

Submitter: Dag S. Fauske ([email protected])
Date: 22 Nov 1998

From Norway: Seeking relatives in the states. My gg grandfather Mikel Olsen Steinde b:1813 d:1900. Had two brothers that emigrated to the states. PederOlsen Haugen b:1804 married to Dorthea Olsdatter emigrated in 1857. Children: Guri, Ole, Ragnhild, Peder. Aslak Olsen Bøeie married to Anne Marie Vårnes emigrated to the states with his family. Children: Ole, Andeas, Nils, Guri, Martha, Peder.Both brothers settled in ?Gillchrist? near St.Cloud, Pope county. Helsing frå Dag Sverre Fauske 2930 Bagn

Surnames: GRAY
Submitter: Joseph D. Gray ([email protected])
Date: 19 Nov 1998

GRAY, Rev. William E. Subject was believed to be a Baptist minister in Pope County in the mid-1870s, and officiated at the wedding of my grandfather, Warren Cummins Gray, to Nancy Ann Moyers on July 20, 1878. Location could have been Golconda, Raum, or Eddyville. Any information you may have will be of great interest to me, and gratefull received.

Surnames: OWEN PARKS
Submitter: Shirley Owen Lane ([email protected])
Date: 11 Nov 1998

I am looking for any information re: OWEN, PARKS, EWELL families. Thanks

Submitter: Shirley Owen Lane ([email protected])
Date: 11 Nov 1998

Submitter: Richard Miracle ([email protected])
Date: 10 Nov 1998

I am researching the descendants of Edward (ca. 1798 - 1871) and Sarah (Christy) Wiley. They have many descendants in the Delwood area of Pope Co., IL - primarily through three children: John who married Phebe Jackson, Robert who married married Eliza Jackson, and Sinah who married first Ephraim Jackson and second John D. Morse. Reply to [email protected]

Submitter: Michael Bowers ([email protected])
Date: 09 Nov 1998

I'm looking for information on Edward Dyer. I think he was born about 1880 in Dixon Springs, Pope County. He married a Mary Sexton. Thank you.

Submitter: Jeni Huffstedtler ([email protected])
Date: 05 Nov 1998

John Jefferson GAGE, b. October, 1849 in TN married Tabitha METCALF, b. November, 1856 in IL, had all of their children in Bay City, Pope County, IL before moving to Scott County, MO before 1900. I would like to know if there is a marriage record for John GAGE and Tabitha METCALF in 1874 in Pope County, and would also like to know if there is any information on Tabitha METCALF's family. I have no idea what her parents' names were, but I know that her parents were born in KY. Here are their children's names and birthdates, all born in Bay City, IL.: Ada GAGE, b. August 1877; Hariett GAGE, b. July 1883; Susan L. GAGE, b. August 1885; John GAGE, b. March 1889; Charles GAGE, b. 1891; Cassie GAGE, b. February 1893; Lester GAGE, b. March 1896. I would like to know if there are birth records for these children also. I will share any information I have on descendants if anyone is interested. Thanks!

Submitter: Robbie Bishop ([email protected])
Date: 29 Oct 1998

Im looking for the JACOBS family and the YATES family. Della Sarah YATES and James A JACOBS were born in Pope County . They had a daughter named Rose Velta Jacobs born in 1903. Id be delighted to know anything about any of these people !Or.....any of their ancestors. Thanks ! Robbie Bishop ([email protected])

Submitter: Lollie Hutchins ([email protected])
Date: 28 Oct 1998

I AM SEEKING ANY INFO ON TRAMMELLS, TRAMEL, OR TRAMMEL. My grandfathers family was all born in Pope Co. The records I have are 14 brothers and sisters Most were born and married in Pope Co. Any info on were they are buried etc would be appreicated. Lollie

Submitter: Sharon Wiley ([email protected])
Date: 27 Oct 1998

Looking for information on Benjamin BAITY, born 1825, Rowan County, NC. Died circa 1883, Pope County, Il. First wife, Margaret Mariah. Married 1850. Margaret Mariah died in 1857. I need her last name. Two children born to this couple, William and Mary and another possible child, Margaret M. BATY (BATEY, BAITY). Margaret married William GUINN in 1871. In 1870 lived in the Quilland Kerley household. Benjamin later married Sarah Shelby who died two years after marriage then Nancy Jane EADS. Four children born to Benjamin and Nancy. I need confirmation that Margaret M. was Benjamin's child and the last name of Benjamin's first wife, Margaret Mariah. She may have been a WHITESIDE OR SISTLER. They lived in Allen Springs (Dixon Springs). Neighbors were Kerley's and Simmons.
Surnames: KEITH
Submitter: Judy Wills ([email protected])
Date: 25 Oct 1998

This is an update to my July 30, Sept. 2, and Sept. 17 queries: All of the information about George W. KEITH and William W. KEITH remains unchanged. My LAWRENCE connection has changed. William W. KEITH's wife was Ester J. LAWRENCE, b. 1857 in Texas. Her father was born in Kentucky and her mother was born in North Carolina. I suspect this Lawrence family is related to the Lawrences noted in my prior messages, but migrated to Illinois from Texas after 1870. Ester was married in 1875 when she was 18.

Submitter: Don Gowins ([email protected])
Date: 20 Oct 1998
URL: [email protected]

Seeking information on a connection between Lawson Gowins and William Gowan and Judith Adkison Gowan. William Granville Gowan and Eveline Woods Gowan. These names appear in a family Bible last known to be in the possession of Alonzo (Lon) Gowins, son of Lawson Gowins. Also seeking children of Lon Gowins.

Submitter: Raymond Tomichek ([email protected])
Date: 18 Oct 1998

I am the grandson of Raymond and Freda Ross. I am very interested in beginning to research the history of the ROSS family. My grandfather was the son on Marion Ross and Sarah Holloman Ross. Our family has barely any information on my great - grandparents only a couple of pictures. We would very much like to find their burial plots, my grandfather did not know where they were since they both died when he was very young

Surnames: HOLMES
Submitter: Linda Holmes White ([email protected])
Date: 17 Oct 1998

I would like some information on HOLMES CORNER or known as Reevesville. Can anyone tell me why it was called HOLMES CORNER and who named it this or are there any articles or books on HOLMES CORNER? HOLMES CORNER was in Pope County.

Surnames: HOLMES
Submitter: Linda Holmes White ([email protected])
Date: 15 Oct 1998

I am searching for any history on HOLMES CORNER or also known as REESEVILLE in Pope County. Anyone with any info. on this please get in touch with me. I would especially like to find how and why it was named HOLMES CORNER and also if this was named after a HOLMES, who and when they lived there.

Surnames: HOLMES
Submitter: Linda Holmes White ([email protected])
Date: 15 Oct 1998

I am searching for any history on HOLMES CORNER or also known as REESEVILLE in Pope County. Anyone with any info. on this please get in touch with me. I would especially like to find how and why it was named HOLMES CORNER and also if this was named after a HOLMES, who and when they lived there.

Submitter: Teresa Holcomb ([email protected])
Date: 13 Oct 1998

Pope Co. Query: MOORE Looking for info on Elizbeth MOORE, born Pope Co. Feb. 2, 1871. Parents were DAVID MOORE and Rachael Fox MOORE. Married John Wm. Harmon lived in Ullin Ill. in 1902. Thanks

Surnames: ASHFORD
Submitter: Kathy Brickhaus ([email protected])
Date: 11 Oct 1998

I am seeking information on John B. Ashford, who lived around 1830 in the Shetlerville area possibly. I would appreciate any information on other Ashfords as well. Thank you.

Submitter: Dixie Joslin ([email protected])
Date: 11 Oct 1998

I am searching for John d GETTINGS who married Elizabeth ROBERTS on 5oct1852 in Pope Co. I am very interested in any info on Elizabeth, My Email address is [email protected]

Submitter: Dixie Joslin ([email protected])
Date: 11 Oct 1998

I am searching for John d GETTINGS who married Elizabeth ROBERTS on 5oct1852 in Pope Co. I am very interested in any info on Elizabeth, My Email address is [email protected]

Submitter: Gordon Jones ([email protected])
Date: 09 Oct 1998

Looking for information on family of Jasper Newton WILLIAMS b. abt. 1857 and wife Martha Ann LEWIS b. 7-25-1863 in Crittenton co. Ky. Their son, James Arthur WILLIAMS was born in the Webster District of Pope co. Illinois on or about 9-21-1881 and married Sarah Monie BOWMAN b. 1-21-1895 in Shawneetown, Illinois.

Submitter: Imani Kea-Greene ([email protected])
Date: 07 Oct 1998

Looking for information about HENRY GOINS. Died around 1897, burried in Stone Church Cementery. I would like to know his spouse names or spouses. My great great grandmother was Sarah Goins RYANS( GANN) father of Mattie. Mattie Goins married JAMES ROBERTSON. mother Evelyn Robertson. I would like any information about this family. Thank you.

Submitter: shelly fusto ([email protected])
Date: 07 Oct 1998

in search of any information leading to my great grandfather John Henry Swinford that migrated from Swinford County Mayo to Pope County in the mid 1800's. Any help would be appreciated. thanks a bunch.

Submitter: shelly fusto ([email protected])
Date: 07 Oct 1998

Submitter: Gena Davis ([email protected])
Date: 03 Oct 1998

PRATT During the 1830's my Jesse "JR" Richardson PRATT and his brother, Matthew "MY" Young PRATT, appear in Pope Co., IL records along with unidentified PRATTs named John & J.B. PRATT. I would like more information on any PRATT living in Pope Co., IL. JR PRATT was married to Frankie FOX about 1827 and relocated to MO by 1840. Visit my cousin's web site & click on the GIBSON link for PRATT info. Please contact me, Gena Davis at [email protected]

Surnames: DEEN DEAN
Submitter: Frank DEAN ([email protected])
Date: 03 Oct 1998

I'm looking for descendants of Jeremiah DEEN. My grandfather was Jesse DEEN a son of Jeremiah's. Please e-mail me at [email protected]
Submitter: Donald Donaldson ([email protected])
Date: 02 Oct 1998

Looking for information about William Donaldson who was a merchant in Pope County in 1816. Also looking for information about James Donaldson, B. J. (Joshua) Donaldson, M. A(Ann Donaldson), who were born around 1834-1838. Specifically interested in first names, James, Joshua, William.

Submitter: Margaret Martin ([email protected])
Date: 01 Oct 1998

Need info on BARTON AND SWINFORD. AMBROSE SWINFORD married ELIZABETH JANE BARTON June 6 1869. AMBROSE'S parents ,were JOHN SWINFORD,and IRENA ABBOTT.Where were JOHN and IRENA,married? Also need parents names of ELIZABETH BARTON. Also is there a BARTON'S LANDING in or around Pope County? Any info appreciated.

Submitter: Kent ([email protected])
Date: 01 Oct 1998

I am a student at Kingwood High School working on genealogy for a geography project (a grade). Can you help with any information on John and Mabel TAYLOR in Pope County in the 1900's? John was a farmer. His great-grandfather was? Their children were Ewart, Joyce, Melba. Thank you, Kent Taylor Perry

Submitter: Linda Holmes White ([email protected])
Date: 27 Sep 1998

Searching for CHARLES HOLMES b. 1809 KY buried in Providence Cemt., Saline Co., IL 1854. Charles was in Pope County and would appreciated anyone with census records of Pope Co. to look and see the listing they have for him. He would have come to Pope Co. before 1830.

Submitter: Judy Foreman Lee ([email protected])
Date: 26 Sep 1998

Searching for any info on James A. WILLIAMS b. 09 Dec 1829 in Maury Co TN; m. Eliza Jane DOCTORMAN [dau. of Adam & Malinda JACKSON DOCTORMAN] 01 Feb 1857 in Livingston Co KY; d. 02 Oct 1907 in Pope Co IL [no death cert, estate, will, etc.]; buried Pope Co IL.

Submitter: Mary Agnes Hudson ([email protected])
Date: 22 Sep 1998

Ledbetter and Thaxton. I am seeking to share information with any person who is researching the families of: Robert Henry Ledbetter, Son of: John Ledbetter and Elizabeth Wright, married Rebecca Jane Tucker (third of Five wives) His Son Robert Luke Ledbetter, my grandfather married Mary Catherine Thaxton, Oct 17 1897. Her Father is William Thaxton. Married Mary Hagerity, the Hagerity has sevearl spelling and I am not sure just which one fits, at this time.

Submitter: Eric DeGruson ([email protected])
Date: 17 Sep 1998

Am searching for information on Jonathan and Polly Ann (EDWARDS) JONES. They were married in Pope County, 31 May 1835. Jonathan was born @1803 in North Carolina and Polly @1810 in Kentucky. They had one child (David C.) while living in Illinois and then Moved to Barry Co., MO around 1837 or so. Other children corn in MO include Parthenia, Jesse, Elizabeth, George W., and Thomas. Any information would be appreciated!

Submitter: Judy Wills ([email protected])
Date: 17 Sep 1998

KEITH and LAWRENCE families (1811 - 1900. Census data for 1850-1870 shows an enclave of Keith and Lawrence families living near Eddysville (Stonefort) area of Pope Co. My great grandfather was William W. Keith, b. 1855 in Alabama. His wife was Ester Lawrence, b. 1857. I am assuming that Ester was Martha E. Lawrence, daughter of Thomas H. and Nancy T. Lawrence. (They lived only ten houses away from William's parents in Eddysville.) William's father was George W. KEITH, b. 1811 in Tennessee or Georgia. Williams's mother was Melinda Q. (maiden name unknown), b. 1822 in Alabama. The family migrated to Pope Co. from Alabama in the late 1850's but before the 1860 Census. William's siblings were Conzada, John A., Francis M., Nancy L. all born in Alabama. William was the youngest. (Martha) Ester LAWRENCE's parents migrated to Pope Co. from Kentucky in 1851. Her siblings were Henry, Malinda, George and William. Her father (Thomas H.Lawrence) apparently remarried after 1850 to Mary Q. (maiden name unknown). There are three more children, Margaret, Eveline and Susana. I am looking for any information which may help me identify George W. Keith's parents in Tennessee or Georgia as well as Thomas H. Lawrence's parents in Kentucky. I would love to meet other researchers following this line to share information. Judy Wills [email protected]

Submitter: Patricia Cooper ([email protected])
Date: 16 Sep 1998

I am interested in any information on a WILLIAM PHILLIP SLEETER born july 25 1822 in Germany died july 10 1902 married MARY ANN WEMIRE born JAN 1, 1820 in germany died apr 30 1899 lived in POPE co Had 5 children John, william phillip, william henry,Hannah, caroline.

Submitter: Arnell Nightingale ([email protected])
Date: 15 Sep 1998

Found marriage record & pension record John McCready & Hetty Clarinda Fox 1842 Pope County. Need names of children. Also found marriage record Nathan McCready to E. Holderfield 1866. Need connection between John and Nathan. Believe son. Any information Hetty Clarinda Fox or E. Holderfield appreciated. Believe E. Holderfield part Native American Indian.

Submitter: Judy Wills ([email protected])
Date: 02 Sep 1998

This is an update to my July 20, 1998 query. My grandfather was William W. KEITH, b. in Alabama around 1855. His father George W. KEITH was born around 1811 in either Tennessee or Georgia. George W. KEITH migrated with his family shortly after William was born to the Eddysville/Stonefort area after 1855 but before 1860 where the family is listed in the 1860 Census. It is possible they were joining up with a relative, Griffin KEITH, who apparently migrated to the area first. My g. grandfather William KEITH married a Ester or Hester LAWRENCE from the Stonefort area. In the 1860 Census and the 1870 Census, there is a Thomas H. LAWRENCE family who apparently migrated to the Stonefort/Eddysville area from Kentucky around 1851. I suspect this is the family my g. grandmother comes from. Perhaps Martha E. LAWRENCE, b. 1856 is Martha Ester. The birth dates for her from my grandmother's birtcertificate are close (around 1857). In reference to my original submission, my grandfather Ransom Powell was apparently born in Carbondale, Illinois. I will therefore pursue that line through Williamson County. Any information about my KEITH or LAWRENCE family lines would sure be appreciated. There are loads of information about the early KEITH family in American if I can just make the connection.

Submitter: Don Gowins ([email protected])
Date: 31 Aug 1998


Submitter: Wanda Fatheree ([email protected])
Date: 30 Aug 1998

Hilliard Judge FATHEREE married Susan HOLMES in Pope Co on April 23, 1833. Hillard filed for divorce in 1836 and it was granted in 1837. Hilliard them came to Wayne Co, IL. Will share any information that I have about him and his brothers, Benjamin and William. Would like to know anything about Susan HOLMES or anything about the FATHEREEs while they were in POPE Co.

Surnames: MORSE
Submitter: tom morse ([email protected])
Date: 28 Aug 1998

am looking for a david lafatte Morse that would be born in the late 1800's Thank you

Submitter: Clyde Gotcher ([email protected])
Date: 26 Aug 1998

Pope Co. Query WEBER/WEBBER Looking for information on Annie Eliza WEBER. Death Cert. states born in Pope Co. IL 1867 Father was Samuel WEBER-- Mother Unknown One known brother Walter WEBER

Submitter: DON GOWINS ([email protected])
Date: 26 Aug 1998

Seeking information on a connection between LAWSON GOWINS and WILLIAM GOWAN AND JUDITH ADKISON GOWINS,WILLIAM GRANVILLE GOWINS AND EVELINE WOODS GOWINS. These names appear in a family Bible last known to be in the possession of ALONSO(LON)GOWINS,son of LAWSON GOWINS. Contact me at [email protected] Thanks

Submitter: Dian Layman ([email protected])
Date: 25 Aug 1998

BAZORE (BASORE,BAZOR)EPPERHEIMER,GREEN-In 1836, John Bazore purchased land in Pope Co. In 1853, David Bazore also purchased land. Between 1833 and 1847, there were a number of Bazore's married in the county. I am particulary interested in the marriage of Hannah BELL to Jerremiah BAZORE, September 23, 1834, but would like to know anything available about the BAZORE family.Also looking for Ida EPPERHEIMER m. John Anthony BELL, and Sarah BELL m. Robert GREEN. Would appreciate any info on these families. Thanks!

Submitter: Carol WALTER-Robinson ([email protected])
Date: 25 Aug 1998

SUBJECT: Pope County Query/ SISTLER, MOYERS, HOLLOWAY, PATE, MAXWELL, MITCHELL I have extensive Surname Lists, but focusing now on the above maternal line. Particularly, any decedents of J. Minter HOLLOWAY, James and Robert L. MAXWELL, PATES. Also, any decedents of past members of the Waltersburg Methodist Church.

Submitter: Carol WALTER-Robinson ([email protected])
Date: 25 Aug 1998

SUBJECT: Pope County Query/ WALTER, RODEWALD, VOSLOW, HALL, WERNER I have an extensive Surname List to research, but focusing now on my above paternal line. Any information I can share, or that you could add is greatly appreciated.

Surnames: DURFEE
Submitter: Carol Durfee ([email protected])
Date: 23 Aug 1998

I am researching the family of William Fielding Durfee who came to Pope County in the Mid 1850's from Kenton County, KY. He was born 7/4/1818 and died 3/11/1876 in Massac County. He had three wives Mary Morrell, Lucretia Moore, and Cela Jane Elkins. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: ROSE
Submitter: Harry Eugene Rose ([email protected])
Date: 20 Aug 1998

I'm looking for the parents, brothers and sisters of Thomas ROSE and his brother, Henry ROSE, who moved to Pope County, IL from the Franklin-Elbert-Wilkes country area of GA ca 1800. Henry's children were: Pleasant, Jerusha, Edmund, Elbert, Wiley, Thomas, Sherman, John, and William. His brother, Thomas' children by three wives were: Randolph, William, Beady, Anne, Greenberry, James, Elizabeth, Lydia, Andrew Jackson, Wesley, Cynthia, Clark Willis, Lewis Stinson, Mary "Polly" Ellen, Pleasant, Francis Morgan, George Washington, Martha "Patsy", Eady Rose, Charlotte "Lottie", Drury/Drewry, Barbara, Henry, Benjamin, Willis, Mary Ann, Thomas Crenshaw, and Sarah. Another Thomas ROSE either the son of Henry or the son of Drury, perhaps another brother of Henry, settled in Pope County about the same time. His children were: Joel, Horatio/Eratio, Asa A, Basil, Bluford, John Drury, Polly, and Rosanna. I would appreciate any information on these ROSES and especially the siblings of Henry and Thomas and their parents. Thanks.

Submitter: Joan Barger ([email protected])
Date: 16 Aug 1998

Shufflebarger, S.Barger, Barger Am looking for the children & siblings of Simon Shufflebarger, Born Dec 9, 1788, in Montgomery County, VA, Died Feb. 11, 1835 in Pope County, IL. He married Hannah Beanard. Simon's son, Noah Shufflebarger, born August 10, 1833 D. June 15, 1922 in Pope Co., IL. Married Esther King. Noah's son, Burton Shufflebarger, born 1856, Died 1939 in Pope Co., IL. Maarried Martha P. Smith. Can anyone help?

Surnames: HOLMES
Submitter: Linda Holmes White ([email protected])
Date: 15 Aug 1998

Could anyone tell me where HOLMES CORNER is or was in Pope County and any history of this place and to whom it was named after or why it was called Holmes Corner. Thank you, Linda Holmes White [email protected]

Submitter: Peggy Barta ([email protected])
Date: 05 Aug 1998

I am looking for any informaion on a Sarah Elizabeth Stockton Griffith. She was married to a J.S. Griffith. Sarah is my greatgrandmother J.S. is a stepparent. Sarah had 2 children from previous marriage daughter,Chloe and son Jessie. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so Much

Submitter: Judy Brown ([email protected])
Date: 03 Aug 1998

Searching for info on brothers James G. Brown b. 1860 married Agnes Hunt, then Sarah Louise Ramsey, Thomas J. Brown b 1864 married Elizabeth Brandon, Edmond K. Brown, Jr. b 1871 Pope Co, married Pinkney Francis McGill. Would love to find descendants or info on parents. Thank you.

Submitter: Allene Coffin ([email protected])
Date: 02 Aug 1998

Any info on Willis Simpson & wife Margaret in Pope Co 1860 Census; also Lewis Green Simpson and wife Polly May Simpson. Anyone researching Margaret May m. William Dobbs; her children William, Andrew J., George Washington, John, Polly, and Bryant. Some lived in Johnson Co.. Did Juliet Barnwell Simpson d. 1854 in Pope County?

Submitter: Randy Kincaid ([email protected])
Date: 20 Jul 1998

Mariel ASBELL (1835-1883) and Sarah POTTS, (Abt. 1846-?), parents of Marietta ASBELL CRABB, Francis ASBELL HICKS HOLLOMAN, William H. ASBELL, John W. ASBELL, Julia ASBELL COLLIER, Susan ASBELL COLLIER. Looking for any details or information about Sarah POTTS. Help!

Submitter: Judith N. Wills ([email protected])
Date: 20 Jul 1998

Trying to find information about my grandparents. I know both my grandmother, maiden name Nadine or Kansaida or Mae KEITH was born in Golconda Jan. 30, 1882 as was my mother Libby Lucille POWELL on May 10, 1906. My grandmother married Ransom POWELL in St. Clair County on April 15, 1902. From the 1910 Census, my grandparents were living in Golconda in 1910. Thus, there is at least a 32 year tie to Golconda at the turn of the century. Any information about the KEITH or POWELL families would be appreciated. Other names that I am aware of are my grandmother's sisters, Hortense and Temperance KEITH. I believe Temperance must be buried in Golconda, as she died as a young girl. I do not know the names of my great grandparents KEITH and do not know if the POWELL family was from Golconda. Just in case, my grandfather's brother's names were Sherman and Frank POWELL. There was also a sister named Kate or Katherine. I am just getting started and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

Submitter: Robert E. Moore ([email protected])
Date: 18 Jul 1998

Seek info and anyone researching Abraham Womack b1771 in NC, d 1850 Pope Co. Ill. Also seek info on Cornelius Gibbs family live in Pope co 1840 & 1880. William Henry Moore b 1851 Lewis Co., Ky marry Drucilla Gibbs 1876 in Pope Co. Thank you.

Submitter: Dave Oliver ([email protected]
Date: 17 Jul 1998

Seeking info re: Joseph M. OLIVER b. 1830 in KY. appears 1n 1880 Pope county census and in Johnson county census of 1850. There was a Joseph M. purchasing land in Pope county in 1850. Beleive he m. Elizabeth Regin/Ragin/Ragan in 1850. Who were his parents, Who were her parents? Thanks Dave Oliver [email protected]
Submitter: Tami Killion ([email protected])
Date: 07 Jul 1998

Looking for information regarding my ggrandparents Ernest Clyde PARKINSON and Annabelle LAFONTAINE. They resided in Galconda and later moved to Peoria Co. IL. I have very little information on either of these lines so anything you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: BROWN
Submitter: Janet Johnson ([email protected])
Date: 07 Jul 1998

Seeking information on the family of great great grandparents, William and Martilla (PARTON) LEE. William and Martilla were married in Pope County, IL 1 March 1868. They had one child, my great grandmother, Nannie LEE, who was born 1 Jan. 1869. William had been married before and had two children, Richard and Jake, by that marriage. William died between April 1868 and Jan. 1869. Martilla remarried Franklin HOWARD. She died between Oct. 1869 and June 1870. Nannie was raised in Pope County by a family by the name of BROWN

Submitter: Dan Downing ([email protected])
Date: 05 Jul 1998

I am looking for information regarding my great-grandfather Morgan M. Downing or my great grandmother Ellen Anderson. My grandfather Alonzo L. Downing was born in Pope County on November 26, 1879.

Surnames: ICE
Submitter: William Bauer ([email protected],
Date: 04 Jul 1998

Seeking information concerning James. W. Ice, born Dec. 26, 1844 in Monroe Co. Ohio. Enlisted at the age of 17 in the Civil War from Pope Co. Illinois. Parents were John and Elizabeth Ice. Brother John Wesley Ice and sister Elizabeth Jemima Ice.

Submitter: Terri Smith ([email protected])
Date: 26 Jun 1998

Hiram ROBBINS, was born Dec. 26, 1793, in Buncombe county, N.C. His parents moved to Overton Co., TN, thence to Washington Co., KY. and from there to Vincennes, Indiana Terrritory. At the last place he entered the Army, and served six months in the war of 1812 with England. The family after the war, moved back to TN, and from there to Pope Co., IL, where the father died, and the rest of the family moved to Madison county. Hiram was there married Dec. 29, 1816, to Elizabeth DEAN. They had two children, and moved to Sangamon county, arriving in the summer of 1821 within one mile of where Barclay now stands, and in 1823, moved to what is now Cooper township, where they had six living children. I am seeking any info on the father who died in Pope Co between 1813-1816. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Submitter: Joseph D. Gray ([email protected])
Date: 25 Jun 1998

Pope County Query: GRAY, MOYERS Seeking information on ggrandfather, Isaac H. Moyers (pronounced MYERS) and his wife, Jinetta (sp?) Daniels. Their daughter, Nancy Ann, married my grandfather, Warren C. Gray, July 20, 1878. Rev. William E. Gray, Warren's uncle, officiated. Wedding held in Pope County (possibly Golconda). Newlyweds lived along road south of Eddyville a few miles. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Joe Gray (Indianapolis) [email protected]

Submitter: Mary Hudson ([email protected])
Date: 25 Jun 1998

Looking for family of WILLIAM THAXTON Have a hand written - handed down - note using this name "William R.C. Thaxton" Birth: Father:UNK born 1840 in Ireland, Mother:UNK (might be wrong on place of Birth) Death: Pope Co. Illinois. Marriage: MEARY ANN HAGHERITY: daughter of PETER HAGHERITY and MEARY ANN. Children are: MARTHA JANE THAXTON, b. December 1874, Pope Co. Illinois. MARY CATHERINE THAXTON, b. March 26, 1876,Pope Co. Illinois; d. March 20, 1967, Poplar Bluff MO, Lucy Lee Hospital. Married: ROBERT LUKE LEDBETTER October 17, 1897 in Pope Co. Illininois LEONA MAY THAXTON, b. February 14, 1878, Pope Co. Illinois; d.October 1968, at National City California Married: WILLIAM DOWNEY FLORA BELL THAXTON, b. March 31, 1880, Pope Co. Illinois; d. November 13, 1938. Married: PLAZE MOORE. MAGGIE DELIAH THAXTON, b. August 28, 1884, Pope Co. Illinois. WILLIAM RILEY THAXTON, b. August 04, 1886, Pope Co. Illinois. d. April 08, 1931 Married: DICY JENNINGS. ANNIE LORA THAXTON, b. December 04, ?, Pope Co.Illinois. NORA ELLEN THAXTON, b. May 19, 1888, Pope Co. Illinois. LILLIE MAE THAXTON, b. January 21, 1891, Pope Co. Illinois. VICY ARMISSIA THAXTON, b. October 26, 1892; d. 1910. Much reference has been given to me by word of mouth that this family lived in Golconda, Pope Co. Illinois. Yet, when I looked at the marriage license application of Mary Catherine there is another township listed as the residence. (I will have this information updated soon)Also, I have found three spelling of the last name of Meary Hagherity. Hagerty and Hoogerty.

Submitter: Sharon Primeau ([email protected])
Date: 25 Jun 1998

Seeking parents of Caleb Wesley "Wes" Hendrix/Hendricks and Sarah Bishop who married Southern Illinois c.1891 and the parents of Rebekah Waters/Walters, who married Isaac Newton Sisk at Pope Co., Dec. 1874. Thank you.

Surnames: DODDS
Submitter: Sarah Parmley ([email protected])
Date: 25 Jun 1998

DODDS I believe the Dodds of Pope Co. IL. are linked to the Dodds of Gallatin and Saline Co.,IL. I would like to contact anyone who is researching this surname, [email protected]

Submitter: Sharon Primeau ([email protected])
Date: 23 Jun 1998

Who is the father of Rebekah Waters/Walters who married at Pope Co., Il. Dec. 1874 to Isaac Newton Sisk, according to 1880 census for Pope Co., Il. Rebekah Waters/Walters was born Tennessee, she was of some degree Native American descent. Thank you

Submitter: Mary Hudson ([email protected])
Date: 23 Jun 1998

I am looking for a researcher who might have information on the following question"S" #1: Mary Smith, b. Feb 14, 1861 State of Indiana. dar.of John Smith Name on Death certificate is Mary Donithan, she died of Uterine Sarcoma (Cancer) at the age of 59 death date, Jan 8, 1920 This lady was the mother of Mary Hattie Ledbetter. Also, would have been married to Henry Ledbetter before and the year of early in 1889 The Henry Ledbetter is believed to have been Robert Henry. #2: Rock Creek Community Cemetery #3: Where was Eichorn, Pope Co. Illinois.

Submitter: Steve McBride ([email protected])
Date: 22 Jun 1998

I am looking for ancestors/siblings of Lewis Cass MCBRIDE b. June 4, 1854 in IL (1880 Census), died Jan 13, 1923 in Pope Co. near Poco IL. Married Mary Elizabeth EDWARDS July 3, 1873 in Pope Co. IL. She was b. Mar 27, 1858 in IL, d. Jan 21, 1921 in Pickens Co., AL. I think Lewis Cass' parents were Robert MCBRIDE b. ca. 1815 IN and Janett ? b. ca. 1825 NC (1850 Census). I cannot find Robert & Janett in 1860 or1870 Census. I did find a marriage record on R. MCBRIDE and Jennet BUTTRESS on Feb 15, 1846 in Massac Co IL. I will gladly share info on descendants of Lewis Cass MCBRIDE.

Submitter: Sharon Wiley ([email protected])
Date: 21 Jun 1998

Are there any WHITESIDES out there who could look on the family tree for a Margarett Mariah who married Benjamin Baity in 1850? I have absolutely no information on these two people, but have a hunch that Margarett Mariah may have been a WHITESIDE or in that family. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Submitter: Otis Metcalf Jr. ([email protected] any one know what happened to )
Date: 19 Jun 1998

Does any body know what ever happened to the decendents of Jesse Reynolds ? Jesse was my Great grand father on my dads , mothers side of my family, he was a justice of the peace in Pope co. for a long time according to the recorda at the court house in Golconda, My grand mother Lucy o. reynolds married my grand father David c Metcalf. any info about the decendents will be helpful. thank you Otis Metcalf Jr. [email protected]

Submitter: Ronald L. Vaughn ([email protected])
Date: 17 Jun 1998
URL: none

My grandfather, Thomas Jefferson VAUGHN was born in Pope county, according to some family records I have. I'd like to get his date of birth, mother and father's names, and any marriage records available. I also have some documents that mention Effie VAUGHN born April 25, 1882, Willie VAUGHN born July 5, 1884, and Lora VAUGHN born August 20, 1886. These may all be children of my grandfather before he married my grandmother. I also have a name of Anna Metz as being married to T.J. VAUGHN on 14 November, 1889.

Submitter: Debra D. Williams ([email protected])
Date: 17 Jun 1998
URL: none

I am interested in searching for family members who lived and still live in Pope County. The surnames I am interested in are CHAPPELL, RILEY and DILLAN. Thankyou Debra Williams

Submitter: Ron McCane ([email protected])
Date: 16 Jun 1998

COOK'S LANDING A Coroner's Inquest was held on December 11, 1834 concerning the violent death of JACOB ROBINSON in the house of WILLIAM PELL at COOK'S LANDING. Does anyone have information on the location of COOK'S LANDING and any of the COOK family for which it may have been named. A JOHN T. COOK and a CULLEN COOKE were mentioned at the inquest.

Submitter: Mary Hudolin ([email protected])
Date: 16 Jun 1998

I'm looking for any information I can get on George B.Wood. He livedin Pope Co. 1820.

Surnames: SKIDMORE
Submitter: Steven Mays ([email protected])
Date: 08 Jun 1998

I am looking for Asbury Rector. He should have been born around 1860. His wife was Nancy Skidmore. they had At least 6 children. they were Landon,Oscar,Orval, Mary, Cordie, Viola.

Submitter: Kevin Ladd ([email protected])
Date: 08 Jun 1998

Hello, I am trying to contact anyone from Pope County connected to these folks. James Thompson married there on 22 June 1826 to Elizabeth McRorey. After his death, she was married 24 March 1836 there to Richard M. Robinson. I am not sure if these are my ancestors, but they sure fit in with family legends. All I have is a list of six children born to a Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, and this Mrs. Robinson was previously married to a Mr. Thompson. No other marriage records from Pope County fit. I am descended from the youngest of six Robinson children----John Ervin Robinson who was born 14 March 1848 in Pope County, according to an old family bible record. I cannot find these folks on the 1850 or 1860 census of Pope County. I feel sure the family was still there because John and his brother James enlisted from Massac County during the Civil War. Anyone who can help me figure out this would be my friend for life. Here are the names of the six Robinson children I have: Margaret M., born 1838, who married a man named Scott; Sarah E., born 1839, who married a Waters; Mary Ellen, born 1842, who married Noah West; Ann Eliza, born 1844, who married Jasper Morris; James Rudolphus (he later changed his middle name to Monroe), born 1846, and married in Chambers County, TX to Martha Emily Clark; and then my great-great- grandfather, John Ervin, born 1848, who married in Chambers County, Texas to Mary Jane Cooper. These six Robinson children were supposed to have had two Thompson half-brothers, although the names are not known.

Surnames: WALLACE
Submitter: John Rushing ([email protected])
Date: 02 Jun 1998

I am looking for the Brush Cemetery. I believe there is some a W.T. Wallace buried there. Thanks alot

Submitter: Robert E. Moore ([email protected])
Date: 24 May 1998

ABRAHAM WOMACK my gggggrandfather reported to have died in Pope cty, Ill in 1850. Need date & cemetery; also seek his wife's name, date of death & cemetery. Thanks Also seek info on CORNELIUS GIBBS still alive on 1880 Pope cty census age 80. His death and where buried. Thanks

Submitter: Marvin Barger ([email protected])
Date: 22 May 1998

SHUFFLEBARGER, S.BARGER, BARGER Looking for any and all information these family names. I have written a 474 page book and am still looking for new info and corrections. Pope Co. specifically. (Is Pope County really 70 % related to the Barger line?)

Submitter: Jan Eardley ([email protected])
Date: 18 May 1998

Searching for information on siblings of Anke HAYS GOLDSBOROUGH who m. Henry GOLDSBOROUGH in Garrard Co, KY in 1822. Sister Margaret S. "Peggy" HAYS m. Stephen C. DUNCAN: son Stephen C. DUNCAN d. 1965, dau Elizabeth DUNCAN ____ , son James Coleman DUNCAN d. 1922, ch Valentine DUNCAN d. 1900, son Robert DUNCAN d. 1888 in Pope Co. Anke's brother William HAYS m. Eupha HAMILTON in 1820. Their son William m. Nancy CHOAT in Pope Co. Other HAYS relatives may be in Pope Co, too. I have information to share on HAYS family in Garrard Co, KY; Saline Co, IL; and Gallatin Co, IL.

Submitter: Terry Ceballos ([email protected])
Date: 15 May 1998

Looking for info on Sarah Ann FORD and William Carol BELCHER. They had a daughter named Millie Carolyn Belcher (1860-1932) who married John McClellan Kerley (1848-1924). FORD and BELCHER lived in Pope Co.

Submitter: JoAnn Daniel ([email protected])
Date: 15 May 1998

I am looking for info on William J. BOWMAN, and Amanda J. BRIDGES, they were in POPE county at the time their son John Louis BOWMAN was born in 1871, also a daughter Maude, but not sure if she was born in POPE county. Need info on their parents and birthdates, death etc. John Louis married Agnes JUSTICE in 1894

Submitter: Michael P McMahan ([email protected])
Date: 14 May 1998

Robert Clay MCMAHAN's death cert. list his bithplace as Pope Co. Illinois 1875 his parents were Marshall MCMAHAN and Roseanna ADKINS other sibblings of Roberts were Joseph,Ed,Annie,Sadie,Katie,Laura,Nancy,Jude. Pease Help, Thanks. Michael McMahan

Submitter: Norman Davis ([email protected])
Date: 07 May 1998

Would like to know more about the following family: GEORGE W. LACKEY, b. abt. 1788, Georgia, died Sept. 10, 1865, Fannin Co., Texas. Married Elizabeth Modglin, b. abt. 1782, NC, d. abt. 1852. Children: 1. Mary Ann Lackey (? Child), b. abt. 1818, Illinois, Married Wm. Coplen/Copeland. 2. Lydia Lackey, b. Feb. 11, 1820, Pope Co., Ill., married Renne Allred. 3. Nancy Lacky, b. Dec. 26, 1826, Pope Co., Ill., married Edwin Clay Rogers. 4. Green B. Lackey, b. Dec. 26, 1826, Pope Co., Ill., Married Mary A. All the above have connections to Fannin County, Texas.

Submitter: Gerald Lewis ([email protected])
Date: 05 May 1998

John J. CONLEY m. Susan WARD Dec. 1, 1856 in Vinton Co., OH and migrated to Pope Co., IL ca 1864. Their issue: (1) Silvanus CONLEY, (2) Louisa Jane CONLEY m. Thomas Jefferson STIFF Oct. 25, 1877, (3) Amanda E. CONLEY m. David THARP Feb. 23, 1882, (4) William CONLEY m. Fannie PHELPS Apr. 21, 1889, (5) Williamson CONLEY m. Eliza SEXTON Jan. 26, 1888, (6) Emaline CONLEY, (7) Edmond CONLEY m. Sophia WEEKLY 1897, (8) Edney CONLEY m. John A. KERR June 2, 1897, and (9) Anson B. CONLEY.

Submitter: Gerald Lewis ([email protected])
Date: 05 May 1998

Thomas Jefferson STIFF m. Louisa Jane CONLEY Oct. 25, 1877 in Saline Co., IL and migrated to Pope Co., IL ca 1900. Their issue: (1) Dora STIFF m. Ruben R. GIVENS Jan. 14, 1899, (2) Arthur STIFF m. Bruce JOHNSON July 4, 1907, (3) Cora STIFF, (4) Della STIFF, (5) Oliver STIFF m. Boneta MCINTIRE May 11, 1913, (6) Eva STIFF, (7) Rosa Lee STIFF m. Clarence SIMMONS Oct. 16, 1911, and (8) Virgil STIFF m. Ollie SHELTON.

Submitter: Gerald Lewis ([email protected])
Date: 05 May 1998

John T. JOHNSON m. Nancy Parlee TAYLOR Jan. 17, 1857 in Marion Co., ARK and migrated to Pope Co., IL ca 1860. Their issue: (1) Lucinda Ellender JOHNSON m. A.B.Thomas FORD and Isaac TAYLOR (cousin), (2) Ruth Caroline JOHNSON, (3) Mary Susan JOHNSON m. John Quincy ADAMS Nov. 14, 1889, and (4) John Thomas JOHNSON m. Mary Alice JENNINGS Mar. 10, 1887 and had issue: Bruce JOHNSON m. Arthur STIFF July 4, 1907, Pearl Lee JOHNSON m. Frank JOINER Sep. 24, 1908, and Sherman Ado JOHNSON m. Gertie Lorine PICKERS.

Submitter: Gerald Lewis ([email protected])
Date: 05 May 1998

Joseph JENNINGS m. Elizabeth SHADOWENS July 11, 1814 and migrated to Pope Co., IL. There issue: (1) Elijah JENNINGS, (2) James JENNINGS, (3) Jonathon JENNINGS, (4) Benjamin Franklin JENNINGS m. Matilda Jane CORDER July 20, 1851, (5) Henry JENNINGS, and (6) George Washington JENNINGS. Benjamin Franklin JENNINGS and Matilda Jane CORDER had issue: George J. JENNINGS m. Mary S. RECTOR Sep. 5, 1875, Almira JENNINGS, Mahala JENNINGS m. Martin V. DAY 1890, Angeline JENNINGS m. William WILLIAMS Mar. 17, 1886, Vandalia JENNINGS m. James Thomas BAKER May 20, 1880, John A. JENNINGS, Benjamin Franklin JENNINGS Jr. m. Martha J. PARMELY Nov. 6, 1886, Marizella JENNINGS m. William Isaac COX Jan. 5, 1892, Mary Alice JENNINGS m. John Thomas JOHNSON Mar. 10, 1887, Robert E. Lee JENNINGS m. Mary A. BOSWELL Grishain and Agness PRESGRAVES, Didamine JENNINGS m. Nathaniel SILVA, Julia A. JENNINGS m. Robert SILVA Mar., 1897, and Samuel Newton JENNINGS.

Submitter: Randy Kincaid ([email protected])
Date: 03 May 1998

Anxious for any information regarding Asa COOPER, b. about 1800-1820 and John F.(Francis?)HOGG , probably born during the same period, both of Pope County. In particular, need information on who their wives were.

Surnames: HARNER
Submitter: Ginger Hayes ([email protected])
Date: 02 May 1998

Looking for father of George Bailey Harner (b. 16 Aug 1844 - 12 Nov 1891). He had brother Abraham. Both fought in Civil War.

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