Sycamore Plains Cemetery

This cemetery was contributed by Rance Phillips

 Located Northeast of Mill Springs in Pope County in the Shawnee National Forest. The cemetery is within walking distance of the 
Massac County Line. There were many graves, several of which are unmarked and merely sunken spots in the woods. There are 
also several, which I was unable to read the markings on the stones. Some of the stones were homemade and had been scribed 
on by hand. The following were the tombstones that I could make out. Hopefully someone will find that lost love one that they have been searching for.
Rance D. Phillips

 Henrietta Monett	 			
Wife of J.W. Monett				 
Died April 20,1829

Mary Bean
Wife of J.W. Bean
Born: June 14,1834
Died: Oct. 27, 1877

Maria Bell Golightly 
Daughter of J.W. & C. Golightly 
Died: Aug14, 1864
1Yr. 8 Mo. 2 days

Cynthia Golightly
Wife of J.W. Golightly
Born: ?
Died: ?

Mary Ann Golightly
Daughter of J.W. Golightly
Born: Nov. 20, 1851
Died: Mar. 7, 1853

James A. Lewis
Born: Mar. 7, 1837
Died: Dec.27, 1871

Richard M. Ford
Son of N. & S. Ford
Died Oct.28, 1852
Age: 3yr. 11 mo. 13 days

Rachael A. Mason
Daughter of C & N Mason
Died: Mar.11 1858
10 mo. 25 days
Mary A. Golightly
Sept. 8 1851
2 yr.  6 mo.

William H. Golightly
Died: Jan 16, 1847
Aged 37 yrs. 1 mo. 16 days

Robert Golightly 
Son of S. & N. Golightly
Died: April 15, 1834
3 yrs. 6 mo.

Lovina Davis
Daughter of D. & E. Davis
8 yrs. 10 mo.

Caroline Davis 
Daughter of D. & E. Davis

A. B. Davis
April 25, 1835?
Age: 18??

Mahulda Davis
Daughter of D. & E. Davis

Lovina Garrett
Wife of R. G. Garrett
Born: July 4,1834
Died: Dec. 21, 1887

Mary Melvina
Daughter of R. G. & L. Garrett
Died May 12, 1864
Age: 4yrs. 7 mo. 6 days

Morris P. Garrett
Son of R. G. & Lovina Garrett
B: Feb. 23,1873
D: Oct 1874

A. E. Golightly	
1780 ???
J. G. Garrett
Mar 30, 1851
Nov 20, 1787 or 9

Mary L. Kerr
Daughter of E. S. Kerr
Apr 20, 1880
Oct 7, 1889

Elizabeth James
Wife of W. James
D: Mar 15, 1868
47 yrs 1 mo 18 days

W. M. Williford
D: Mar 30, 1895
52yrs 11 mo 15 days


Ginger Hayes

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